Nettle, an ancient fibre for a sustainable future – an online talk by Brigitte Kaltenbacher

by Bee Kay Makes

Join Brigitte on her time travels through textile history. Nettle has been used as a fibre plant for over 3000 years in the UK, to make everything from heavy sailcloth to fine table linen up until the 18th century. At the same time it is one of the most sustainable fibre sources available to us. 

Brigitte will talk about the history and magic of the nettle plant that inspired many fairy tales, its exceptional qualities as a fibre, as well as explaining the practical processes used to extract fibre from nettle plants. The talk will include a slide show that contains photographs. Brigitte will also show examples of spun nettle yarn and woven nettle tweeds.

Date: Wednesday 24th March 2021 
Time: 2pm (45mins plus Q&A) (GMT)
Where: Live on YouTube (The link will be provided shortly before the event.)
Price: £4.00

Brigitte holds an MA in textiles, her work focuses on hand-woven sustainable textiles from nettles, linen and local wool.

Instagram: @beekaymakes  

Please note: this talk will take place live on YouTube, you will receive the private link shortly before the event. You do not need a Google/YouTube account to view the talk, however, should you wish to take part in the online chat, and type questions for the Q&A at the end, you will need to sign in; so please make sure you have a Google account to do this. 


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